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About Us

Bamboo Home is run by a group of directors, who have been trading in natural wood products since 1998. Our experience in this field enables us to offer superior laminated bamboo decking and other bamboo products for the UK market. We use innovative patented designs and technology, ensuring that we continually produce the best quality bamboo products. Working closely with our factories, we are consistently able to maintain quality control to the very highest standards. Bamboo Home are  devoted to supplying the trade with the best quality, environmentally responsible, luxury bamboo products on the market. Looking, feeling and wearing better than any other material available, bamboo is the obvious choice for a greener future.

The patented vertical lamination process we use to produce our bamboo decking and other outdoor bamboo products is far superior to the strand woven method of production, being lighter, stronger, considerably more durable and aesthetically pleasing. Over 5 years of intensive research has gone in to perfecting our exterior laminated bamboo, eliminating the inherent problems found in using bamboo for outdoor use.