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Bamboo Flooring Questions

  • What is strand woven bamboo?
    • Strand woven bamboo is bamboo that has been created using many strands of bamboo pressed and laminated together. Due to the method of bonding, strand woven is stronger than horizontal or vertical lamination.
  • What is the difference between vertical and horizontal laminated flooring?
    • The only difference between these to boards is the way it was put together. The horizontal deck is laid and laminated in a horizontal pattern, across the wood. Alternatively, the vertically laminated is the opposite in its make-up to the horizontal. Both board are of equal strength.
  • What EU standards does your bamboo meet?
    • The EU regulation defines the two standards E1 and E2 which originally come from the chipboard industry .
      The only type of test used to check the two emission classes (E1/E2) is the EN 717-1. The emission rate for E1 is below 0,13 ppm (parts per million) which is quite high compared to what is reality today.
      Our flooring is between 0,01 ppm - 0,03 ppm so very far from the E1 maximum (0,13 ppm).
  • Is your bamboo flooring dog friendly?
    • Our strand woven bamboo has a hardness of around 90 N/mm2 and will be suitable for dogs. The vertical or horizontal flooring has about 40 N/mm2 but a wide range of variation between 30-50 N/mm2. It will resist normal dog use but to be on safe side we would recommend going for the strand woven.

Outdoor Decking Questions

  • Can I get a decking sample?
    • Decking samples are available on request. We simply ask you to pay for delivery.
      To order a decking sample, simply go to our contact us page and tell us what you would like a sample of and where you would like it to be sent.
  • How easy is your decking to install?
    • Our composite decking is straight forward to install and shouldn't be a problem. However, we would recommend researching and reading up on the skills needed before attempting to install a deck. You may find it easier and safer to pay a professional. We say this because, while it is a straight forward process installing the decking itself, the work required before hand and after to make sure the deck is level and strong enough could benefit from a professional pair of hands.
  • How does bamboo flooring compare to other woods outdoors?
    • All our bamboo has been laminated and treated for outdoor use. We are confident that with the correct level of maintenance, your bamboo decking should last for a long time. Our composite decking is also designed for all types of weather.
  • Is bamboo decking hard to maintain?
    • As with our composite decking, our laminated bamboo decking is not difficult to maintain. To get guidance on how to maintain and keep your deck looking young and stylish, take a look at our How to maintain your decking guide for detailed instructions on what to do.
  • Can we use a fire pit or BBQ on the decking?
    • In terms of the weight of the fire pit or BBQ, it shouldn't be a problem with the decking.
      Please be aware that composite decking is made from a combination of plastic and wood. We would recommend speaking to the manufacturers of the fire pit to make sure that their product has sufficient insulation underneath so that the decking is not subjected to too much heat.
      You may also need to wipe down the deck a little more regularly to ensure ash and embers are removed. Failure to do so could result in damaging the deck.

General questions

  • Is bamboo eco-friendly?

  • How old is the bamboo when it is harvested?
  •     Our bamboo is approximately 5-6 years old when it is harvested.
  • Why use bamboo composite decking?