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Bamboo flooring should be left to acclimatise properly in the room where you intend to fit it. Store them flat, open all packaging and ensure floor is dry. A resting period of 7-10 days is recommended.

Methods of Installation

Floating - Lay flooring on top of an underlay, clicking together Uniclic boards or gluing the tongue and groove with a PVA glue.

Nailing - Use on wooden or ply sub floor. Use a nail gun on grooves. 18 Gauge, 25mm brads are advisable.

Gluing – Glue directly on to flooring using a specialist elastic floor glue. If laying on a concrete screen floor, ensure moisture is less than 3%, if it is above 3% use a damp proof membrane.


All our bamboo flooring products are pre-finished with a poly urethane lacquer (Except for our Luxury Wide Board). There is no need to re-apply once the bamboo flooring has been laid. However it is possible to re-fresh the finish by degreasing, and then lightly sanding the flooring, before reapplying a quality lacquer.

If the floor has been waxed, heavy sanding back to bamboo is necessary.

Under floor Heating

Strand woven flooring is suitable for under floor heating. The laminated flooring is only suitable when the gluing down method of laying has been used.


Balustrades and parapets must be at least 900mm in height for decks that are less than 600mm from the ground and 1100mm in height above 600mm. No space between components should exceed 100mm.

Our outdoor laminated bamboo products are manufactured form the highly durable Moso bamboo plant and are perfectly suited for extreme outdoor weather conditions. We are the only supplier in the U.K. using patented techniques for ensuring a 25 year guaranteed life span. All lumber is pre-treated with our special formulated Cutek penetrating oil.

How to install bamboo flooring

20 hidden fasteners are required for a square metre of decking, working on a 400mm centre sub frame.

This method avoids having visible screw heads on the surface of the deck. A gap of 4-6mm is already set by the hidden fastener which slots into the profile of each board. Each fastener is screwed to the joists making a strong and durable structure. This method greatly reduces installation time and is more pleasing to the eye.

We advise using carbide tipped saws for cutting our bamboo products.

After installation the surface can be sanded and cleaned and left as a natural finish or a suitable coating can be applied following the manufacturer’s instructions.


Cutek is a specially formulated penetrating oil designed to diffuse deeply into the bamboo to provide exceptional water repellence and assist in controlling warping, cupping and splitting.

It is resistant to surface fungus and mould with a highly effective, yet safe biocide component. Cutek penetrates very deeply allowing it to protect the bamboo from within while leaving no film on the surface. The Cutek oil penetrates so deeply it repels water for years from the inside out. Cutek gives the bamboo a natural matte finish that is dry to the touch on the surface while staying in a semi-liquid state in the sub-surface. This means that surface abrasions and scratches can still be protected unlike all other wood finishes.

The maintenance of Cutek Bamboo coated boards is simple. Decking boards come pre-treated, 1 coat should be applied on the bottom, sides and ends before the boards are installed and a coat on the face side is applied after installation. In order to enhance the performance of your deck, you should apply a final coat after 2-3 weeks of installation. This process will increase the time frame between subsequent coats and will reduce the maintenance cost as well. For warranty to be valid, annual cleaning and re-coating is necessary. There is no need for sanding or stripping, dramatically reducing maintenance costs and effort. This will ensure your bamboo products have a long and trouble free life.

A variety of natural looking coloured, formulated pigments that contain strong UV filters can be added to Cutek oil giving each installation the desired finish, letting the bamboo retain its natural grain. This can easily be applied using a brush, roller or rag following the guidelines on the bottle provided.

How to install bamboo flooring

Cutek Benefits

  • Does not peel or crack
  • Resistant to mould and mildew
  • Very easily applied by almost anyone, no need to hire a tradesman
  • Suitable for exterior and interior application
  • Two coat system with no special primers or multiple products required
  • No sanding or stripping, ever. Requiring only a simple wash down before re-coating
  • Can be used as a clear finish or colour tinted to your requirements